Compliance and Revenue Enchancement Services


Featured in the American College of Cardiology’s Cardiovascular Buyer’s Guide; CardiologyCoder.Com is the premier consulting firm exclusively dedicated to facilitating full charge capture and regulatory compliance for cardiologists and electrophysiologists. There are a lot of obscure rules that dictate how services must be documented and reported. We help physicians understand these rules, we audit charts to assess compliance, and we provide billing services tailored to fulfill the unique needs of these specialties:

  • Physician Education: Medical documentation must support each service that is reported.  If doctors don’t use the right words or if they are uncertain of the documentation standard, money will fall through the cracks and the organization will be exposed to avoidable regulatory liability.  We teach physicians to optimally document services and help them understand how documentation impacts revenue.


  • Chart Audits: You can’t confirm full charge capture and regulatory compliance without a qualified assessment of documentation and coding.  Our audit reports provide physicians with patient-by-patient feedback regarding identified proficiencies and areas that need attention.  We also provide best-practice recommendations to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of future documentation.


  • Billing Services: Our team is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for each of your claims.  We aggressively go after inappropriately denied claims and we hold payers accountable to negotiated fee schedules.  We track payments on a line-item basis, identify problematic trends early, and systematically eliminate glitches.  Without these efforts practices forfeit between 5% and 10% of earned revenue; we don’t let that happen.


  • Staff Training: We offer an extensive agenda of web conferences throughout the year that cultivate the proficiency of billing staff.  Web conferences are typically pre-aproved for both Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and Certified Cardiology Coder (CCC) continuing education units.